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How Hard is the SIA Door Supervisor Exam?

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is responsible for enforcing high standards within the UK’s private security industry.  

One way they achieve this is by only allowing qualified and licenced individuals to work in frontline security roles. 

If you wish to work as a door supervisor managing access to a venue, you will need to pass the SIA door supervisor exam before applying for your SIA licence. 

This article will provide more information about the SIA door supervisor exam and what it entails for anyone who wishes to work as a bouncer or doorman. 

What is an SIA door supervisor exam?

An SIA door supervisor exam is a test that individuals must pass to obtain a door supervisor licence from the SIA.  

By passing the exam, individuals prove they possess the knowledge, skills, and professionalism to perform their duties as a door supervisor effectively and responsibly. 

By requiring door supervisors to pass the SIA exam, the SIA ensures they thoroughly understand their responsibilities, can adhere to industry standards, and are equipped to handle various situations that may arise while on duty. 

This helps to maintain public safety, promote professionalism within the industry, and build public trust in the services provided by door supervisors. 

How difficult are SIA door supervisor exams? 

The SIA door supervisor exam consists of four multiple-choice papers and a practical assessment. 

Each of the four exam papers contains 40 multiple-choice questions. 

The four exam papers cover the training course’s four units, which are: 

  • Working in the private security industry.
  • Working as a door supervisor.
  • Conflict management.
  • Physical intervention. 

The practical assessment assesses physical intervention skills. 

To pass the exam, you must score at least 70% on each exam paper and pass the practical assessment. 

The exam difficulty depends on your preparation level and prior knowledge.  

If you have attended the training course, taken notes and revised the course materials, and reviewed some mock exams, you stand in good stead to pass the exam. 

SIA door supervisor exam question examples 

Taking practice exams can help you prepare and gain confidence for your SIA door supervisor exam. 

You can access mock exams online on the Get Licensed website. 

Here are a few examples of multiple-choice questions you can expect from an SIA door supervisor exam. 

Example question 1 

Q) What steps could be taken to protect lone workers? 

  • Check on them at the end of the shift.
  • Make check calls every hour
  • Don’t check on them.
  • Ask them to write a handover saying how they felt during their shift. 

 Example question 2 

 Q) Door supervisors can make an arrest under the following circumstances. 

  • To prevent a customer from defaming the organisation.
  • To prevent a customer from causing harm to others or themselves.
  • To prevent customers from going to other venues.
  • Door supervisors cannot arrest anyone under any circumstances. 

 Example question 3 

 Q) Which of the following methods is correct when dealing with conflict situations? 

  • Speaking slowly.
  • Speaking quietly.
  • Not letting the customer speak.
  • Showing empathy. 

How can Dynamis help with SIA door supervisor training?  

Dynamis Education Centre is an SIA-accredited company with many years of experience providing high-quality, professional training courses, including SIA Door Supervisor training. For more information about our SIA door supervisor training course, contact our team for free on 08000 24 2442.

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