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How to renew an SIA licence

Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences are only valid for three years, after this time, individuals that wish to continue working within the private security sector will need to renew their SIA licence.

SIA licences prove that individuals working in the security industry in the UK have completed a specific training course and meet the required standards, as set out by the SIA, to work in their role.

An SIA licence is an essential requirement for working in a variety of private security roles in the UK, including door supervisor, bodyguard, close protection officer, and CCTV operative.

The SIA are responsible for ensuring that high standards are maintained in the private security industry to protect public safety. Because legislation and best practices surrounding security in the UK are constantly being reviewed and updated, individuals working within the sector need to keep their knowledge up-to-date. The requirement for SIA licences to be refreshed every three years helps to ensure that those working in the private security industry remain compliant with the latest industry standards.

In this article, we will find out more about the process and costs involved with renewing an SIA licence.

How to renew SIA licence

SIA licences do not automatically renew. You must remember to apply to renew your SIA licence before it expires if you wish to continue working in the same role.

Holding an SIA licence does not guarantee that your application to renew your licence will be successful. Whilst uncommon, it is possible that your request to renew your licence could be rejected if you no longer meet the licencing requirements or the licencing requirements have changed.

When should you apply to renew your SIA licence?

You can apply to renew your SIA licence up to four months before it is due to expire. It is recommended that you apply for your renewal as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for your application to be processed. If your application has not been processed and your old licence expires, then you could be left in a situation where you are unlicenced and unable to work until your new licence has been processed.

Are you required to retake a training course to renew an SIA licence?

Whether or not you are required to undertake any training before renewing your SIA licence depends on the security role that you work in.

You are not required to retake the training that you have already had. However, if any new and relevant topics or information have been added to the training since you took it, then you may be required to take this additional top-up training.

If you work as a security guard or a door supervisor, there were some changes made to training requirements in April 2021 that may require you to take a training course before you can renew your licence. All SIA door supervisor training courses and security guard courses now include emergency first aid at work training.

If you work in a private security role as a door supervisor or security guard, then you are required to either take one of the new qualifications introduced in April 2021 or a relevant top-up qualification before you renew your licence.

Where do you renew an SIA licence?

You can apply to renew your SIA licence online on the SIA website.

You will need to register or log in to your account online and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the renewal application and pay the renewal fee.

As part of the renewal application process, you may be required to submit documentation to prove your identity, if this is required, you will be informed what it is you need to submit and how to do so during the application process.

The renewal will also involve another criminal record check to find out if anything has changed since your last application.

Failure to renew your licence before its expiration date will mean that you are required to apply for a new one, rather than applying for a renewal.

Can an SIA licence be renewed over the phone?

Although it may have once been possible to renew an SIA licence over the telephone, all applications should now be made online through the SIA website.

How long does an SIA licence renewal take?

The timescale for renewing SIA licences varies. The length of time the renewal process takes depends on several factors, including the information that you enter.

The SIA website offers a Decision Timescale Indicator tool which you can use to get an idea of how long your renewal should take.

How much does it cost to renew an SIA licence?

The fee for renewing your SIA licence is £190, the same as the fee for a new licence.

You may be eligible for a discount of 50% on the cost of renewal if any of the following points are true:

  • you already hold another licence for a different licensable activity.
  • you paid the full application fee for your last licence.
  • that licence has more than 4 months left to run.

Speak to your employer before you submit your application to renew your licence, as some employers may be willing to pay some or all the application fee on your behalf.

Renewing an SIA licence is a relatively straightforward and pain-free process providing you apply within plenty of time of your card’s expiration date.

We recommend setting yourself a reminder or marking on your calendar the earliest date on which you can apply to renew your licence to avoid any unnecessary disruptions to your ability to work.

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