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What is the difference between frontline and non-frontline SIA licences?

To work in the private security industry in the UK, you are required by law to hold an SIA licence relevant to your role.

SIA licences are issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), a non-departmental public body that regulates the UK’s private security industry. The SIA is responsible for maintaining high standards in the private security industry to protect public safety. One way it achieves this is by enforcing the SIA licencing system and only issuing SIA licences to individuals once they have passed a relevant training course and background check.

Private security jobs in the UK can be divided into two categories: frontline and non-frontline. Those in frontline roles require a frontline SIA licence, and those in non-frontline positions require a non-frontline licence.

In this article, we will learn more about the differences between frontline and non-frontline SIA licences and the types of security jobs that people with each licence can carry out.

What is a frontline SIA licence?

Anyone working in a frontline security role needs to apply for a frontline SIA licence.

You are classed as a frontline worker if your role directly involves providing security services for an individual, business, or organisation. The primary responsibility of someone in a frontline role is to maintain the safety and security of the people or property they are assigned to protect. Examples of frontline security roles include security guards, close protection officers and door supervisors.

To obtain a frontline SIA licence, individuals must first complete an SIA-approved training course relevant to the role they wish to work in.

Frontline SIA licences must be worn somewhere visible at all times whilst you are carrying out your role.

What is a non-frontline SIA licence?

If you have a non-frontline SIA licence, you cannot carry out security services yourself. Instead, non-frontline licences are for individuals working in a role where they supervise or manage those working in frontline security roles.

Individuals must meet specific criteria to be eligible for a non-frontline SIA licence, but they are not required to complete a particular qualification or training course.

Non-frontline licences come in the form of a letter rather than a card and do not need to be displayed.

Which SIA licence do I need?

The type of licence you require depends on whether the role you wish to work in involves carrying out any frontline licensable activities

You will need a frontline licence if you carry out frontline security activities as part of your role. Otherwise, if you manage or supervise those carrying out frontline activities, you will require a non-frontline licence.

How can Dynamis Education help you get an SIA licence?

Dynamis Education Centre is a nationally accredited company providing a range of high-quality, professional SIA training courses.

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