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Why you should consider getting an SIA licence

Like many other careers, a role in the private security industry requires that applicants possess the appropriate qualifications, attitude and personality traits. Among the most crucial requirements when applying for one of these positions, however, is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. Carry on reading to find out how and why this vital licence (alongside earning the relevant qualification/s) is the key to launching your security career.

Why is there a shortage of door staff in the UK?

According to data released in May 2022 from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) and the UK Door Security Association (UKDSA), the UK is experiencing an alarming 70% decrease in door staffing levels, but why? This significant lack of security resource can be attributed to a number of factors including mass staff resignation in the industry, Brexit and a shortage of EU workers.

Compounded by the rising increase in door staff workload, the recent recommendations made by the Home Affairs Committee inquiry and the fact that summer events like festivals are drawing experienced security staff away from bars, clubs and restaurants, hospitality managers are struggling to fill door staff positions.

Why should you consider a career change to security work?

Door staff, also referred to as bouncers or door supervisors, play an incredibly important role in public safety. Not only are they qualified to assess who should enter a venue, they can also provide basic first aid and resolve conflicts. Ultimately, their role is to ensure that the general public feel safe upon entering or waiting outside of a venue.

They are able to escort people to and from the venue, deal with emergencies (including bomb threats and fires) and even restrain disruptive individuals who threaten public safety. Those wanting to protect the public and ensure they have a positive experience may therefore find security work incredibly rewarding.

The nature of this role is also far more physical and sociable than other industries, rendering roles in this profession most suitable for good-natured, approachable and physically-fit persons. Often regarded as a fulfilling and lively choice of career, there are different security positions to suit all kinds of personalities and career goals.

What jobs can you do with an SIA licence?

A SIA licence is an essential qualification for all kinds of private SIA security jobs including Door Supervisor, Security Guard and CCTV Operator. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that there are different SIA licences required for each specific role. By way of illustration, a CCTV Operator will require a front line public space surveillance licence, while a Security Guard will need to possess a front line security guarding licence. 

Some front line SIA licences will cover more security duties than others. Depending on the type of security position you’re interested in, you could apply for an SIA licence that allows you to carry out manned guarding, close protection, protecting cash and valuables in transit, or even key holding and vehicle immobilising.

However, it’s also worth bearing in mind that in order to apply for any front-line SIA licence, you will need to obtain the relevant licence-linked qualification first. For example, to pursue a career as a Door Supervisor, you’ll need the relevant qualification in both Emergency First Aid and SIA Door Supervision. Once you’ve earned both of these qualifications, you’ll be able to apply for your front-line door supervisor licence.

How to find SIA job vacancies

If you think a SIA security role is right for you, then why not explore the various vacancies available right now? Due to the nature of this type of work, security positions exist in a wide range of industries including in the retail, events, construction and hospitality sector. Reaching out to shopping centres, festival and event organisers as well as the traditional locations such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars, should provide you with plenty of employment opportunities.

How can you pay for an SIA licence if you are unemployed?

There are three ways that you can have your SIA licence paid for if you are unemployed. The first involves contacting your local Job Centre and making SIA licence training part of your job seeking program. It’s worth noting, however, that these opportunities are typically offered to those who have been unemployed for at least a year and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be offered the funding at all.

The second option involves reaching out to your local council as they’re known for running similar schemes and offering free courses. Again, there’s no free SIA training guarantees, but it’s still worth getting in touch. Your final option is to contact the experienced and dedicated training advisors at Dynamis Education to apply to our completely free Door Supervision and Emergency First Aid at Work course.

Offering impressive total savings of nearly £500, this free SIA training course and licence package is available to any unemployed person (receiving benefits) that’s aged 19 and above and living in the Greater London area. In order to be eligible for the free course and licence, successful applicants must also be able to attend all of the training days.

Explore SIA licence-linked qualifications at Dynamis Education​

​If you’re keen to explore career opportunities in the security industry, then a SIA licence is essential and in order to obtain a SIA licence, you’ll require the right qualifications. As the relevant qualifications will vary depending on the type of security work you’d like to undertake, it’s important to select a SIA licence-linked qualification course that supports your career prospects.

At Dynamis Education, we offer a wide range of security courses (and first aid courses) that can propel your private security career forward and help you to obtain that all-important SIA licence and SIA security job. To find out more about the exact licence-linked qualification/s required to acquire your chosen SIA licence, please visit the Government website for the latest official guidance.

Need a hand? Our friendly and approachable team are always prepared to help you find the perfect course to pursue a wide variety of SIA security jobs. To receive guidance from one of our experienced advisors today, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 024 2443 or send us an email to Alternatively, you can always use our online contact page to send us a message!

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