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How much is a first aid course?

First aid is not only one of the most important skills a person can have; it is also an essential qualification for many workplaces. Accidents can occur at any time, but having the knowledge and training to react quickly can help to prevent further harm and even save lives.

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of first aid courses, what you should expect during training and the cost you may incur. So, if you’re looking into first aid qualifications for work or even for your own self-confidence, then keep reading.

What is a first aid course, and why are they important?

A first aid course is a qualification that provides you with the knowledge, confidence and skill set to react in emergency situations and, in some cases, deliver life-saving care.

The training you receive from the course will be essential for situations that may occur at home, work or in public spaces. You will be able to manage more serious injuries and often prevent casualties from getting worse. With the correct care, you can help stabilise the individual before professional medical help can arrive.

Although it is unlikely that you will be confronted with a medical emergency in your everyday life, it is a great skill to have for the safety of yourself and those around you.

What is included in a first aid course?

First aid training is one of the most important courses you’ll ever take. The knowledge and training you’ll receive as part of the course will give you the confidence to deliver potentially life-saving care.

Most people undertake this training as it is required for their workplace, but these skills can be used in everyday life.

During the course, you will be taught a mixture of practical first-aid care and theory. Classes usually range from 1-3 days, and during this time, your instructor will guide you through examining a casualty and how to use life-saving equipment such as a defibrillator. You will also have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with basic life support and be taught how to safely control bleeding and trauma. These skills will allow you to stabilise a patient until emergency services arrive on the scene.

As part of the training, you will be taught the best method of treating everything from minor scrapes and scratches to more serious burns and scalds. There will also be demonstrations on how to assist someone who is choking.

Finally, you will be taught how to properly record and report incidents so that if the individual requires further medical attention, there are records of the incident and the first aid that was initially carried out.

Once you have successfully completed all areas of the course and your instructor is confident in your ability to perform the necessary procedures, you will be awarded your first aid certification. This will be valid for the next three years, after which you can complete a First Aid Requalification course.

How much do first aid courses cost?

The cost of first aid courses in the UK varies depending on the provider, the course’s length and the type of First Aid taught on the course. There are different types of first aid training available such as first aid at work, emergency first aid at work, paediatric first aid, school first aid and more.

Most providers will have their price lists detailed on their websites, but it is always worth looking into whether you are eligible for discounts or if free courses are available.

Are there free first aid courses?

Yes, there is a range of free first aid courses available across the UK and at Dynamis Education, we are proud to be a provider of Funded First Aid Courses. 

We are a nationally accredited and recognised training provider of both online eCourses and in-person training courses and have helped thousands of people to receive their first aid certification.

As part of our selection of training and education courses, we offer First Aid at Work courses for learners looking to become first aiders in their workplace. This qualification meets the requirements for training emergency first-aiders in organisations that require this skill set as part of their role.

How to apply for a free first aid course

Our Funded First Aid Courses provide comprehensive first-aid training that ensures you are prepared for various situations. By the end, you will have the confidence, skills and knowledge to deal with any injury or emergency situation quickly and safely.

If you are interested in taking the first steps towards being first aid trained, you can take a look at our First Aid Training page or check our Funded First Aid Courses to find out more. We regularly update our Funded Courses page with any upcoming courses available to register for in Manchester and across the UK.

Currently, we are offering a Free Emergency First Aid at Work course for qualifying applications. The course is first come, first serve, with limited spaces available and has a number of eligibility criteria you must meet:

  • Be 19 Years of age or older
  • Be a resident of the Greater Manchester area
  • Unemployed and not receiving benefits
  • Unemployed and receiving benefits.

*If you are currently employed, you must be earning less than £20,888.00 annual gross salary.

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