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Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver (E-learning & Online Exams)


Who is this qualification for?
The Pearson BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver (similar to VRQ qualification taxi) is designed to develop, support and enhance the knowledge of prospective or existing drivers who wish to begin or develop a career in transporting passengers.


● Course Price: £300 inc. VAT
● Distance learning: you can study from Preston, Sheffield also
● Online Exams – Laptop or Tablet required. Instant Results & Free Resits On The Day
● Start anytime

In person practical in location of your choosing.

Certainly! Let’s delve into the world of taxi qualifications and explore how the **VRQ (Vocational Related Qualification)** in taxi driving plays a crucial role.

What Is the Taxi VRQ?

The Taxi VRQ is a specialized qualification designed for individuals aspiring to become professional taxi or private hire drivers. Here are the key points about this qualification:

1. Purpose: The VRQ equips candidates with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for safe and efficient taxi and private hire operations.

2. Licensing Requirement: Many local councils mandate that individuals applying for a **first-time taxi or private hire license** obtain this qualification. Additionally, existing taxi and private hire drivers must renew their licenses by completing the **VRQ**.

3. Content: The course covers topics such as:
– Introduction to the Role: Understanding the responsibilities and expectations of a professional taxi driver.
– Regulations and Legislation: Familiarizing with local and national regulations governing taxi services.
– Customer Service: Learning effective communication and customer interaction skills.
– Route Planning and Navigation: Mastering navigation tools and planning optimal routes.
– Safety and Security: Ensuring passenger safety and handling emergency situations.

4. Awarding Organization: The Highfield Qualifications board oversees the certification process.

5. Course Format: The Taxi VRQ is available as an online course, allowing flexibility for learners.

6. Cost: Payment covers the course and certificate covering the training, badge, and medical examination (subject to eligibility). Practical exams and the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) test are conducted at the training center.

Relation to BTEC Courses

The VRQ in taxi driving shares similarities with BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) courses, particularly in vocational education. Here’s how they relate:

1. Vocational Focus: Both the VRQ and BTEC emphasize practical skills and real-world application. They prepare learners for specific industries and professions.

2. Career Pathways: While the VRQ focuses on taxi and private hire driving, BTEC courses cover a broader range of fields, including business, engineering, health, and more. However, both aim to enhance employability and career prospects.

3. Level of Qualification: The Taxi VRQ typically aligns with Level 2 qualifications, similar to some BTEC Level 2 courses. This ensures consistency in educational standards.

In summary, the Taxi VRQ serves as a specialized stepping stone for aspiring taxi drivers, while BTEC courses offer a wider spectrum of vocational education. Both contribute to a skilled workforce ready to tackle industry-specific challenges.

For more information, you can explore the Taxi VRQ course details

Remember, whether you’re navigating the streets or the curriculum, knowledge and preparation are key!


Course Practical Location

Bournemouth – 08th August 2024, Bournemouth -18th July 2024, Glasgow – 15th August 2024, Glasgow – 25th July 2024, Rotherham – 04th July 2014, Rotherham – 1st August 2024

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